1st High Performance Graph Processing workshop
31st May 2016 | HPDC 2016 conference, Kyoto

Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • A Comparative Study on Exact Triangle Counting Algorithms on the GPU. Leyuan Wang, Yangzihao Wang, Carl Yang and John Owens
  • Parallel Shortest-Path Queries in Planar Graphs. Hristo Djidjev, Lyudmil Aleksandrov and Guillaume Chapuis
  • NUMA-aware scalable graph traversal on SGI UV systems. Yuichiro Yasui and Katsuki Fujisawa
  • Graph Topology Abstraction for Distributed Path Queries. Janani Balaji and Raj Sunderraman
  • Distributed Incremental Pattern Matching on Streaming Graphs. Jyun-Sheng Kao and Jerry Chou

Short papers

  • Betweenness Centrality in an HSA-enabled System. Shuai Che, Marc Orr, Gregory Rodgers and Jonathan Gallmeier
  • BLADYG: A novel block-centric framework for the analysis of large dynamic graphs. Sabeur Aridhi, Alberto Montresor and Yannis Velegrakis