1st High Performance Graph Processing workshop
31st May 2016 | HPDC 2016 conference, Kyoto


01:00:00 PM    01:05:00 PM    Welcome speech by a workshop chair

Full Papers Session 1
01:05:00 PM    01:35:00 PM    A Comparative Study on Exact Triangle Counting
                                          Algorithms on the GPU
01:35:00 PM    02:05:00 PM    Parallel Shortest-Path Queries in Planar Graphs

Keynote Speech
02:05:00 PM    02:35:00 PM    Keynote - Towards next-generation graph processing
                                          and management platform
                                          By Toyotaro Suzumura

02:35:00 PM    02:45:00 PM    Break (10 minutes)

Full Papers Session 2
02:45:00 PM    03:15:00 PM    NUMA-aware scalable graph traversal on SGI UV
03:15:00 PM    03:45:00 PM    Graph Topology Abstraction for Distributed Path

03:45:00 PM    04:00:00 PM    Coffee Break (15 minutes)

Short Papers Session
04:00:00 PM    04:20:00 PM    Betweenness Centrality in an HSA-enabled System
04:20:00 PM    04:40:00 PM    BLADYG: A novel block-centric framework for the
                                          analysis of large dynamic graphs

Full Papers Session 3
04:40:00 PM    05:10:00 PM    Distributed Incremental Pattern Matching on
                                          Streaming Graphs

05:10:00 PM    05:20:00 PM    Final remarks and closing of the workshop



  • Each full paper/short paper presentation session consists of 5 minutes time allocated for question and answering.